Raleigh 400 Sets Sail

22nd November 2018

After months of planning we are only three weeks away from the first event of our R400 programme.

Taking place on 12th December hosted at the iconic Drapers Hall, it will see a stellar panel of academics and entrepreneurs coming together to reconsider the historical context of Sir Walter Raleigh and his entrepreneurial exploits, both in a historical context and the continuing effect it has on today’s entrepreneurs.

The event will run in two parts. The first sees 100 plus sixth-form students, from a variety of schools breaking out into groups to answer a range of questions posed by our invited academic Dr Andrew Buck of Queen Mary University London, who will facilitate the session, supported by working entrepreneurs from The Guild of Entrepreneurs; the epitome of the modern livery movement, celebrating its fifth anniversary since founding. The students will consider themes around what defines an entrepreneur in the modern and historical eras and what the differences between the two really means. This will then be followed by considering case studies of how the livery movement supported Raleigh’s settlement of Virginia and Ireland and their wider role at that time in establishing global trading networks. Thereby placing Raleigh in context to this.

The students will then be joined by an invited audience of Masters and Clerks representing both the most historic and modern livery companies, alongside Raleigh 400 Patrons and other leading business people. Following an opening address from R400 Chairman and Master Elect of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and Raleigh descendant, Peter Hewitt, they will hear from Professor Jerry Brotton upon his research upon Raleigh’s voyages, their impact and the vital role that the [then] 56 Livery Companies played in funding and directly supporting them. This will be concluded by a panel session of those involved in the event, including the Guild of Entrepreneurs Middle Warden Elect Lars Anderson.

Looking ahead to 2019 plans continue for the creation of a business symposium, bringing the UK and USA’s most senior business people, politicians and influencers together as well as our education festival, looking to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs. We are a non-revenue creating group and as such all of this can only be delivered with the financial support of both the UK and USA’s communities. We would like to therefore thank our current sponsoring supporters for their commitment and belief in our ambitions.

We still need to raise a significant amount of money to deliver the quality of events that this opportunity deserves. So, if you would like to learn more about our plans and being actively involved then do get in touch. We very much welcome the opportunity of speaking to you. All enquiries can be emailed to chairman@raleigh400.com