Our Events

The R400 celebrations are underpinned throughout by the

history of the exploits and enduring legacies of Sir Walter Raleigh.

There are three linked elements to the R400 initiative, each relating to separate keynote events:

  • The past – new research by Queen Mary University of London on the exploits of Raleigh
    and his connection with the City of London and the Plantation of Virginia.
  • The present – bringing together business leaders and senior politicians
    from both sides of the Atlantic to further develop UK-US relations.
  • The future – using a major education festival to inform students of all ages
    on both sides of the Atlantic of our common heritage, as well as our shared
    tradition of entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

The Past

The Past

The past: exploring the history.

Event 1: R400 Launch & Raleigh in an Historical Context; 12th December, 2018

A four-part R400 Launch at the Drapers’ Hall in the City of London on the 12th December, 2018 focusing on Raleigh the man, the history of his exploits and his legacy in the UK and the US:

  • Address by Peter Hewitt to formally launch the R400 campaign.
  • 6th form historical orientation and workshop – given by academics from QMUL. The orientation briefing will be attended by up to 120 pupils and teachers from a selection of schools with livery and City of London Corporation affiliation as well as US educational establishments.
  • A 30-minute presentation given by QMUL academics – putting R400 in an historical context, followed by a 30 to 40-minute panel discussion chaired by Professor Margot Finn (Professor of modern British History, UCL). Panellists include: Dame Colette Bowe, as well as Professor Jerry Brotton (Professor of Renaissance Studies, QMUL) and Professor Miri Rubin (Professor of Early Modern History, QMUL).

A reception for all participants (250) at the Drapers’ Hall.

If you want to get involved with the R400 launch, contact us here.

The present

The present: optimising trans-Atlantic trade.

Event 2: UK-US Bilateral Trade Symposium; May, 2019

A two-day, high-level, bilateral UK-US Trade Symposium for up to 120 delegates attended by leaders from the fields of politics, diplomacy, business, academia, law, media and the arts, held at the Drapers’ Hall in May, 2019.

  • Day One:

–Two parallel streams of round table plenary sessions (Chatham House Rule) addressing specific topics, with subject matter experts.

–Likely themes to include: the new tariff regime, exploiting free trade opportunities, finance, professional services, ethical and social investment, technology and innovation, defence and security, cyber security and IPR.

–Sponsors’ dinner at the Drapers’ Hall.

  • Day Two:

–Further plenary sessions.

–Keynote address by US or UK government minister.

–Black-tie dinner in the Drapers’ Hall for up to 250 guests (including partners).

The present

The future

The future

The future: an Entrepreneurship & Education Festival.

Event 3: Entrepreneurship & Education Festival, October, 2019

A two-day creative Entrepreneurship & Education Festival focused on the next generation of the ‘Raleighs of our age’. To take place in October 2019 for up to 700 participants.

  • Festival concept:

–The audience takes part in a live event (as if they were in a play or film), which is hosted by our media partner.

–Live news updates are given throughout the event via a dedicated YouTube channel and on social media.

–Use of venues that were frequented by Raleigh; the session content is matched to the venue where possible.

–Movement between proximate venues makes the event more dynamic and keeps participation and interest levels high.

–Topics focus on the opportunities of the new worlds of our age, including: AI, robotics, nanotech, space exploration, advanced materials, biotech, power generation and storage, deep ocean and conservation.

  • Potential headline activities to include:

–R400 ‘The Apprentice’: a competition to propose costed ideas for an R400 legacy prize.

–A session on Queen Elizabeth I, who commanded Raleigh to explore the New World.

–15-minute show on the life of Raleigh.

–A series of 15-minute TED-style talks on the new frontiers of our age, and the opportunities for exploration and wealth creation that they present.

–A keynote speech by an appropriate celebrity, possibly based on aspects of Raleigh’s diaries.