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This project can only succeed with the support of people like you. This is a genuine once in 400 years opportunity to join us
in writing a new chapter in Sir Walter Raleigh’s history, so please do not miss out and join us.

  • Exceptional networking and relationship building opportunity with UK and US business leaders, politicians and influencers.
  • Meet and engage with the brightest young talent: our future wealth creators, entrepreneurs and business leaders through the Entrepreneur & Education Festival
  • Enhance visibility, awareness and engagement with business leaders, and/or with schools, colleges and universities
  • Leading role in the development of future bilateral UK-US relations in a post-BREXIT world through the discussion (under the Chatham House Rule) of salient bilateral trade issues
  • A role in developing bilateral UK-US trade, entrepreneurialism and wealth creation in today’s ‘New Worlds’ of opportunity
  • Participation in first-class supporting social events in some of the most historic and famous venues in the City of London
  • Enhanced recognition & show casing of sponsoring organisations as actively promoting the future of wealth creation through education,
  • Help shape the future success of UK-US bilateral and trading relations.
  • Raleigh 400 has charitable status in both the UK and the USA

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